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This is the site of the Berrien Bicycle Club.

We're located out of Berrien Springs, Michigan. Berrien Springs is 10 miles east of St. Joseph, and about 20 miles north of the Indiana border. All of our club rides leave out of the Andrews University main parking lot.

This is the first year in a while that we've been active. Our inactivity was a result of a good portion of our members leaving the area, and no one stepped up to fill their roles.

Since then, We've reorganized and have started to grow again. Our current membership is at about 15, and we're growing everytime I look.

Ride Schedule

Currently we ride two times a week. We ride Tuesday and Thursday nights starting at 6:30pm. The rides leave from the Andrews University main parking lot, and proceed south out of town, looping west toward Bridgman, and then north and back to Berrien. The route that we most commonly use is just short of 20 miles in length, and it usually takes us just under an hour to complete the loop. These rides are designed to accomodate everyone that joins us. Tuesday's ride is faster paced than Thursday's, but we don't really pick up the pace until we're about halfway into the ride. Thursday's ride is slower and more laid back.

As a club, our focus is to provide an atmosphere in which one can improve their cycling abilities. They can do this through our weeknight rides, or through getting involved with other members of the club on their own time to push each other to greater limits.

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