May 28, 1998

YHC (your humble correspondent is up late and doing anything to avoid
that which I am contractrually bound to do. So I cannot write long or
hard about our hard ride today.

It was great, and represented everything we want to say the BBC is all
about. There were 18 riders, the sun was shining.

The hardest part was the end, when Phil and Trudy turned 31 into a speed
tunnel. My highest speed of the day was clocked on this hill. Can you
believe I hit 38 m.p.h. Surely someone hit 40. God Bless Phil and Trudy!
God bless our President Scott! God bless all the members of the BBC, may
they always ride high!

(It's late and I'm getting into gross melodrama in this abridged Biker's
Beacon. If anyone else wants to report on today's ride, feel free to do
so. I forgot to mention that today was hotter than the third level of
hell. Wow, if this is what we have to look forward to, we better all
drink a lot of water.)


Jack Stenger
BBC Minister of Truth

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