Tuesday, May 19


Our president Scott Thayer is not only a good leader and
a "kick-butt" biker. He's also a good guy. Need evidence?
Today we had several guys who were either newcomers or who
have only been with us once or twice.
Our ride today featured the extended 30-mile route and a
pretty stiff pace, to boot, so it wasn't exactly charitable
to guys who really haven't found their legs yet. As was to
be expected, there were some drops. While some of us forged
on taking the usual BBC Darwinian attitude toward things
("Survival of the fittest") Scott dropped and encouraged the
others on. He could blow any of our doors off, but he chose
to encourage others. I'm not pointing fingers at anyone
here. Those of us who pushed on were not "bad" by any means.
But I'm not above noting Scott's selfless example it
was a Christ-like manner of biking. (But don't do this every
time Prez: the Eric LaBianca's of the world need to be put
in their places, too.)
Our ride was hard, long and enjoyable. Michigan, once the
site of winter tundra, has now gone total jungle. If it were
any balmier these days I'd swear we were in equatorial
realms. Those who rode were Scott Thayer, Eric LaBianca,
Mark Samuel, Doug Fattick, Jack Stenger, Scott Leben, Jerry
Thayer, Aren (sp? last name) from St. Joseph, and two
brothers, (Softride Gill and Mark(?) from Buchanan. All
newcomers were nice guys and, more importantly, respectable
bikers. Aren from St. Joe is a mountain biker most of the
time but he did the road (right) thing with us and more than
pulled his weight. He was strong and was riding a bike that
appeared to be straight from the 1970s.
If it was Tuesday, it meant the option of the "long
ride." Every brave soul out there opted for the longer
route. We all stayed together until we got to Gast Road
(which can't be that far from Bridgeman). After a little
breakage there, we regrouped and sailed down Brown School
Rd. Eric and Mark did a monster pull on this road and made
possible average speeds of 23 to 25 m.p.h.
By the time we got toward the end we had a lost a few and
Scott Leben had a flat tire. The first group (Eric, Mark,
Aren, Doug and Jack) led back to Snow Road and stayed
together by and large until the second Hinchman Road
hill. It's there that your humble correspondent got a little
bit dropped. I had the "leaders" in my front-view mirror
from then on, but could not catch them. The Hinchman Hills
are the bane of this man's existence!
The lead group got back with a time that was probably
around 1:29:20. I know the average speed exceeded 20 m.p.h.,
this on the long route. Everyone got back in good shape. We
encourage all newcomers to continue coming out. Thursday is
generally much more "civil" of a day and pace for the BBC.
It's late, I should be in bed. YHC (your humble
correspondent) is dog tired. Gotta cut this short, then.
Until Thursday, I remain
Jack Stenger
BBC Chief Propagandist

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